Network and Email Accounts for P/T and Hourly Staff
Site administrators are requested to notify part-time and hourly staff of the availability of their network accounts and the process to activate their e-mail account and password.
  • E-mail is accessed from the Employee tab; District e-mail.
  • To log in, staff should enter their employee number as the user name.
  • The initial password is the employees 2 digit birth month, 4 digit birth year and their first name and last name initials (ie: 011956DG).  As part of the initial login process, staff are required to reset their password using P-Synch.
  • The initial e-mail user address was created as where NNNNNN is the employee number.  It is suggested staff change the created address to something more personal using the Change E-mail Address option on the District e-mail login web page. 
  • Information regarding the use of e-mail including directions and the District e-mail policy is available from the District e-mail web page.
  • Questions should be directed to at